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Topics: 16th century, International trade, Europe Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: November 13, 2013
AP European History

Chapter 3.12 The Commercial Revolution

What were the most important economic changes in the early modern centuries that constituted the Commercial Revolution? In the great economic readjustment that was taking place in Europe, the opening of ocean trade routes was important, the growth of population and a slow inflation.

Describe the growth of European population in the sixteenth century. Why did the European population expand in this period? European population grew rapidly in the 16th century.
About 90 million in Europe – 20 million added in 16th century England – 5 million
France – 20 million
German states – 20 million
Europe no more urbanized than late Middle Ages
Most growth was in rural areas

Explain the origins, nature, and effects of the putting out or domestic system. Of what importance were the needs of the military in the rise of capitalism? What change in attitudes could be noted toward the lending of money at interest? To avoid the restriction of the guilds many cloth merchants began “putting out” looms and such into people’s houses in the countryside. Called “putting out” or “domestic” system or cottage industries.

What does the putting out system suggest about the role of women in the economy of this age? Consider the illustration on p. 112 in your response. The growing production of cloth in early modern Europe depended on the labor of families in rural cottage industries. Spinning thread became an important economic activity for many women.

Explain the general nature and purpose of mercantilism, citing examples of mercantilist policies and regulations. What comparison may be made between mercantilism and the New Monarchies? Idea of “keep all the gold in the country” (Bullionist idea) led to promotion of a strong self-sufficient economy. Make the poor work.

English Poor Law (1601 until 1834) – make poor work and prevent absolute poverty. Export finished goods & reduce import of raw materials to...
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