A Comparative Study of Hospitality Education in

Topics: Learning, Higher education, Education Pages: 8 (1804 words) Published: June 28, 2012
"A comparative study of Hospitality Education in India"
By Mr.Manoj Patkar
HOD & Assoc.Prof. – Food Production
1Table of Contents1
2Abstract, Objective & Research Problem2
3Introduction 3
4Review of Literature & Data Collection4 & 5
5Data Analysis5 & 6
6Data Interpretation6
7Findings & Conclusion7
9Bibliography9 & 10

This research looks at the existing standard of hospitality institutes curriculum with special reference to the culinary syllabus in India and proposes various measures to reduce the gap between education imparted by hospitality institutes and the industry expectations from students. This research highlights the need of hospitality education revolution which needs to be upgraded, to be at par with global education standards. The results of this analysis can be used to identify and streamline the standardization process of hospitality education across India. The culinary syllabus has to be prepared with the right combination of faculty and industry experts to strike the right balance between demand and supply. The anticipated outcome of this research is to establish such a hospitality curriculum which should comprise and reflect a selection of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes relevant and valued by the profession, subject disciplines and by the wider society. Keywords: Culinary Institute, Hospitality Education

1. To scrutinize if there is a need for better culinary syllabus than the existing one. 2. To assess if there is a gap between theory and practice, offered by academicians and acceptance by industry professionals. 3. To identify if relevant faculty have adequate educational qualifications RESEARCH PROBLEM

1. Non existence of standardized uniform quality culinary syllabus (theory and practical). 2. Faculties education and industry experience co-relates with students learning process.

In many countries, the traditional approach has largely been modified towards a more integrated approach to curriculum planning and design. An integrated approach is still subject centered but transcends the traditional subject boundaries. At culinary arts training institutes globally, new and exciting ideas are taking shape. Food styles have moved so fast in the past few years that it is difficult to keep pace with the changing gastronomic trends across the globe. Le Cordon Bleu operates the world’s most comprehensive network of hospitality institutes where students spend plenty of time learning the fundamentals that set French cuisine apart and much attention is given to world cuisine and modern culinary techniques. The Art Institutes is a North American chain of educational centers. The International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai is a world-class vocational school that teaches a mix of Continental and regional culinary methods. As a student, you’ll go beyond basic culinary practices and cooking skills to learn leadership tactics and skills that you can put to use in a multicultural professional setting. Johnson and Wales University founded at Rhode Island in 1914 relies on the latest industry input to stay grounded in emerging culinary breakthroughs without abandoning time-tested techniques. The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is one of the most prestigious culinary institutes in the US. At the core of the CIA learning curve is an astonishing 1,300 hours of hands-on training in ultra-modern kitchens and bakeries. INDIAN SCENARIO

Hotel Management & Catering Technology courses were introduced in Mumbai, India in 1954. National Council was the institution which regularized and gave shape & recognition to these courses later in 1982 by the Ministry of Tourism for coordinated growth and development of hospitality management education in the country. As the first internationally recognized training school for professional culinary arts in India, the...
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