Winsome Manuacturing Company

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Winsome Manufacturing Company
A company that produces plastic storage containers and sells them to the home consumer through home sales events; Winsome provides low cost, tight-tolerance, precisely engineered products closer to home here in the United States. WMC includes a fully automated production facility which eradicates human involvement in the molding process. The potentials of our plastic manufacturing company allow the customers to do business in the US instead of moving to other places. Introduction:

In the past 25 years, the packaging industry has undergone a spectacular development. The development of a wide range of polymers has brought about the form of plastic containers of all descriptions, replacing the traditional packaging materials of glass, steel, and cardboard fiber. A large range of buyer and industrial products packaged in plastic now control their individual markets. Plastic has become the container of choice because of its light weight, potency, elasticity, and strength. The plastics industry has been growing at an extraordinary rate of 15 per cent over the years. Thus its potential is being utilized properly. The boost in the plastics industry is due to the rapid growth of segments like electronics, packaging, healthcare and telecommunication sectors. Annually around six million tonnes of plastic is produced in the country, with the plastic packaging sector growing fastest. (Plastic Drum Company, 2011). Project Scope:

Durable, light-weight and oxidization - resistant plastics are more and more being used in place of wood, steel and other traditional materials. A group of new uses and new resin technologies will continue to expand the market for plastics during the 2000’s.To the extent that we experience short drop in reaching sell-out in our primary market, Winsome will be uncompromisingly pursuing secondary markets in US cities like Memphis, Louisville, Kansas City, and Chicago. With the exception of Chicago, which is the home of...
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