why and how people buy

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Possibly the Best Fit, “Why” and “How” people buy
All these novel applications offer customization to the buyers. More specifically, identify the benefits woven in the customization process in terms of “why” people buy. They can be those benefits already realized and the ones you would suggest to add. Customization delivers a sense of accomplishment and personal value along with the custom made product. 1) People buy to get emotional benefits to show off, to connect, to feel special… All these novel applications provide customization to the buyers and offer them emotional benefits to: a) show off their creativity and originality through social platforms such as tweeter and Facebook b) connect to the group or organization that they want to be a part of c) feel special by having something personalized and unique and scarce

2) People buy to get physical/tangible benefits and favor products, services, and activities with better quality, durability, reliability, or reputation. a) People buy some products, services, and activities solely because they cannot live without, such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, etc. b) More often people buy products, services, and activities that can improve their quality of life and make them happy, such as a new pair of jeans, an iPhone, and tickets to a concert.

To sum up, people buy things that can either solving a problem they have or helping them achieve an important goal. The customization process can craft around what customer really want and deliver the experience of getting the desired outcome to them in advance. Customization offers many benefits ranging from convenience & timesaving, freedom to make decision, to more available choice, more tailored service. It can increase customer trust and buyer commitment, and is more a proactive and cost-effectiveness approach.

Companies initiating these customization applications can be manufacturers, retailers, or third party...
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