Usmania Glass Sheet

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Usmania Glass Sheet Factory Ltd is the first glass sheet factory in Bangladesh. It was established in 1959. The oldest glass sheet plant in Bangladesh is situated in the southern side of the country at the district of Chittagong. It started its commercial production in 1961 but after the liberation war in 1971, it was taken by the government of Bangladesh and was subsequently placed under Bangladesh Chemical Industry Corporation (BCIC). Until 1996 Usmania was the only glass sheet manufacturing company but in 1997 another glass sheet company-‘MEB” was established in Dhaka. Within the last two years there were more competitors in the market like PHP Float Glass Industries Limited and Nasir Glass Limited (NGL), who came into the industry with advanced technology and capacity. Thus Usmania Glass Sheet Limited is losing its market share. Without the proper innovation, and weak marketing and strategic planning the company is in a desperate situation of becoming bankrupt. It is also government regulated company and it does not have the drive to compete against its competitors due to corruption. The company is not at all thinking about re-engineering its facilities and machineries to cope up with the industry environmental change. Therefore the government is suffering heavy losses.This was the first glass sheet-producing unit in this industry. But glass sheet companies are not developed in our country as for need. Usmania was monopoly in this line up to 1996. And in 1997 another glass sheet factory “MEB” was established in the capital city. It is a part of ISLAMIC BROTHERS. But within last two years the following organizations came into the market with more advanced technology and capacity. PHP Float Glass Industries Ltd. (having 150 M.ton production capacity each day) it was taken over by the Government of Bangladesh and was subsequently placed under Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC).it was taken over by the Government of Bangladesh and was subsequently...
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