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Key performance indicator assessment template

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are important measures of your business that have a direct influence on its overall performance. When choosing KPIs you should ensure that they are SMART:
Once you have chosen your business' KPIs, you should create a KPI assessment template that lists information on your KPIs, how they affect the business, and how you can ensure you meet the targets.

By presenting the information in a KPI assessment template, you or your staff should be able to easily manage your KPIs and concentrate on achieving the most important or profitable ones. Template document begins on next page

Name of Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Enter the KPI name here - eg manufacturing cycle time of product KPI explanation
Write a brief description of the KPI here - eg every product to be manufactured in less than 3 hours
Relevance of the KPI
Why the KPI is important to the success of the business - eg manufacturing the product faster gives us more stock to sell and more market share
Does this KPI affect any part of the business?
Explain other KPIs important to the business that this KPI may affect - eg may affect delivery speed, customer satisfaction, and product quality
How to measure the KPI
Explain how you measure the success or failure of this KPI - eg this KPI is successful when the product is produced within the allocated time but to the right quality standard. KPI is not met when the product is produced too slowly, or to an unsatisfactory standard.

How to affect this KPI positively (listed by importance of activity or highest benefit) 1.


List here any things you can do in your day-to-day business that will have a positive effect on this KPI

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