Understanding Design Value in Manufacturing Companies

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Understanding Design in POP Manufacturing Companies

Outline of Study
Methodology and Objective
Case Study Structure
Understanding Point of Purchase Manufacturing Industry
Background of 11 FTC Enterprises
Products and Services
Operational Process
Understanding Research & Development Department in 11FTC Enterprises
Background of R&D Department
Roles &Significance
Levels of Design Practice of R&D Department
SWOT Analysis

In measuring effectiveness of any consumer marketing strategy, point of purchase (POP) merchandising has to profoundly contribute as its key success component. Leveling up the sales of any product requires a POP merchandising display that represents a combination of a strategic brand identity, a stable advertising communication, and a well thought of marketing scheme (Eby, 2009). With the continuous efforts of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies to exercise all possibilities in nontraditional advertising, comes the escalation of retail marketing or POP manufacturing companies. These manufacturing companies come up with the latest technologies and increase resources to keep up with client demands and their competitors.

One the companies facing this challenge is 11FTC Enterprises Inc., a local company from the Philippines supplying POP merchandise materials for most of the biggest brands known.

Methodology & Objective
This case study was executed over a five week period that includes the following: * A literature review in defining terms of the manufacturing industry and an in-house design team * An interview with the design team leader which supports the significance of a Research & Development Dept. * A series of existing projects done by the R&D Department justifying their value to the company This audit aims to justify and analyze the need for industrial designers and the R&D Department as a whole. It also seeks the significance of having technical designers apart from the currently hired 3D modelers. Understanding the design process of this department and the effectiveness of their output will also be covered in this study. Diagrams will be included to illustrate the different operations and processes the company observes to perform efficiently. Also, an interview with the designated resource person, particularly the design team leader, will be surveyed. Data accumulated from these sources will highlight the practices and attitudes of the design department and its significance in the company. Also this study intends to study issues and hopefully recommend solutions or improvements beneficial to the company. Quantitative data such as sales figures will not be included since this study is more invested on qualitative information from different sources since the R&D Department’s objective is towards improvement of products and services, rather than their sales performance.

Case Study Structure
Understanding the Point of Purchase Manufacturing Industry introduces 11FTC Enterprises, what this company offers, who they cater to, and how they go about their operations. Understanding Research & Development Department in 11 FTC Enterprises discusses their roles and significance in the company. This part also include projects with the R&D Department that demonstrate the execution of the team and the effects on the system of company Analysis discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the R&D Department. Conclusion combines the findings and what can be further studied and developed.

Understanding Point of Purchase Manufacturing Industry
Background of 11FTC Enterprises
11 FTC Enterprises Inc. is one of the primary manufacturers of below the line advertising materials for multinational and regional companies in the Philippines. They are composed of over 300 hundred workforce from different areas of...

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Date Conducted: October 12, 2012
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