Transparent Computer Case

Topics: Personal computer, Temperature, Damage Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Title: transparent computer case
Order: Topical order
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audient to use the transparent computer case. Central idea: The transparent computer can make people easier to see the structure inside the PC and can detect damages and problems easily.

Attention grabber.
I.Before I go further with my talk, I would like to ask few questions. i.Can you imagine, we have a transparent computer case or clear computer case at home or anywhere? ii.It is possible to get a transparent computer case?

Introduction of topic.
II.Transparent computer case also called as an acrylic PC will allow you to see all the components in your computer case. Established of credibility.
III.I have been interest for transparent computer case because the companies create so much higher quality designs, used better material to build this product and more durability.

Preview statement
IV.Therefore, the goal of my speech today is to persuade my audient to use the transparent computer case. .

I.You can easily detect damages and problems part inside your PC. A.Transparent computer case can make people to see structure in the PC with a great clarity. i.Therefore, you can see exactly how the PC tower, their function inside and how the hardware works. ii.This tower covers can be beneficial for repairs or for learning technical computer issues or function as well. iii.It will make the computer for more efficient process and better performance. iv.This is an attractive option and suitable for college student who are studying computers, work with computers or those who would like learn more about the inner workings of the motherboard.

B.Leaving your computer uncovered and exposed can be dangerous and this transparent computer case is just the ticket to protect your computer by way of a good work and you can check out what happen inside it. i. It can keep your computer’s inner workings coolers...
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