Training Design Model

Topics: Manufacturing, Machine, Industry Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Enriching knowledge of system engineers towards effective usage of heavy machines in manufacturing companies. Description of trainees:
System engineers play a vital role in manufacturing industries in current scenario. They are the one who prepares a particular programme which is very much essential to operate well by reducing the cost. As far as India is concern traditional technologies are used in manufacturing industries which are of lower in cost and less effective too. Due to this reason many system engineers are not updated towards the new changes in technical side. Now a day’s new technologies are adopted by various industries in order to reduce its overall cost and at the same time work effectively. Therefore the whole training programme is concentrated to provide training to the system engineers so that they update them self according to the changes taken place in the technical side. Need analysis:

Now a day’s technology has improved a lot, a single machine can do the work of 40 people. Mostly every organisation has changed or adapt to the technological just because to reduce the cost. Though the company gets new technologies it fails to trains its engineers to operate these new technologies, which result in failure in operation , heavy cost incurring on the part of the company. For example ram raj cotton industry has bought new machine which major part of work such as purifying cotton, colouring it, preparing thread, making cloth etc. For this machine a operator may be an system engineer who needs some more skills, knowledge to operate this particular machine. Objectives:

General objective:
This training programme is designed to train the various system engineers to operate the new technology effectively.

Specific objective: make system engineers aware about the new technology available. 2. make system engineers to know how to redesign the programme for the whole machines. 3. make system engineers to know how to handel the...
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