The Success of Kameraworld Digital

Topics: Business, Philippines, Management Pages: 8 (2264 words) Published: August 18, 2013

A Term Paper Presented to the Faculty of College of Business and Accountancy Our Lady of Fatima University

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Marketing Management

Lead Researcher:
CELIS, Izel Jin

ASINAS, Mariel
BAGOTLO, Josefa Marie
CHAVEZ, Rucelle
GACUSAN, Gilhanna
PRECILLAS, Rochelle Kaye
ROSCOM, Trishamae

Part I
Business are ever growing in every part of the world, everywhere you go business will always be present. It is a risk that a business person should take for not all businesses will be successful. Just like Kameraworld Digital, a business known for printing pictures and selling different types of camera. They started long ago wherein they almost monopolized the camera industry, but then suddenly they broke down. Business may start up greatly but without proper maintenance it could lead to such happening like falling down little by little. Kameraworld was founded by two visionaries, Atty. Pacifico Castro and Mr. Elizeo Santos, by acquiring the retail operations of Kodak Philippines Ltd after the Laurel- Langley agreement in 1974. It is the first Filipino-owned photo company in the country. In its three decades of operations, the company grew from two stores in 1970's to the largest photo retail chain in the Philippines. Today, Kameraworld’s business interests include retail, commercial and online printing, software development and multimedia production. Over the past years, the company has continued to grow and evolved considering the challenges of the industry at large. With its constant thirst for innovation and continued search strategic partnerships, the company has evolved from a purely retail operation business to a consortium of imaging and printing groups all bounded with the same values of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction. After almost 4 decades of operation, the company has grown from that of a family run business to the leading brand in photography, imaging and printing in the Philippines.  Kameraworld’s founding values of commitment to excellence and constant innovation has leaded the company to the new frontiers in the digital age. This term paper would discuss the reasons why Kameraworld Digital experienced such thing. It will show what is Kameraworld today and what strategies could be done for the enterprise to stand up again and retain their position or exceed beyond what they are before. Accordingly, this term paper would further discuss suggestions in order for the Kameraworld, to rise again after its loss. Part II

Kameraworld Group
“Picture the Possibilities”

Kameraworld Digital Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kameraworld Inc. Its prime business interests are web development, online printing technologies, platforms and solutions for both consumers and organizations Creative marketing and innovative solutions is what the BigK is all about. The digital age has brought limitless possibilities and endless potentials for the online imaging industry. Our products aren’t just pieces of photo works, they tell a story and communicate an idea either from the creator's point of view to the recipient, or from the brand to its clients Our range of Photo based products are mediums of communication. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a photo book can do for you as a business owner or even the end user. Kameraworld Digital is one of the Philippines’ largest photographic chains, with over 60 branches throughout the country. Its 33-year leadership in the photographic industry dates back to 1974 when it took over the retail operations of Kodak Philippines upon the termination of the Laurel-Langley Agreement between the Philippines and the United States. This marked the start of Kameraworld’s success story in the Philippine Photographic Industry. The company’s rise to prominence...
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