The Issues Raised by the Growth of Manchester and the Reaction to These Issues over the Course of the 19th Century

Topics: Manufacturing, Pg. 99, Industrial Revolution Pages: 4 (1619 words) Published: September 20, 2009
Manchester is a city in England that experienced tremendous growth between the 1750’s and 1850’s. The population grew from 18,000 in 1750 to over 300,000 by the census of 1851. This growth called for more homes and factories to be built in order to support the growing population. With the constructing of more factories to support the rise in population came the growth of industry and manufacturing. The growth of the city, along with these factories, brought about several issues other than the manufacturing of valuable goods. The overcrowding from the population growth and the smog, smoke, and other toxic waste from the factories brought about the issue of pollution and bad living conditions. Pollution and the horrible quality of living was a prevalent issue because it brought about disease and death. Also, with a growing population comes a larger demand for products. The city was forced to manufacture more items so that it could provide for more men. In order for all of these products to be made, men needed to work longer than they should on lower pay in places which the products fouled the breathing air. This issue of bad working conditions led to starvation, sickness, poverty, and death. Because of the growth of Manchester, the issues of manufacturing and industrial growth, pollution of the living areas, and bad working conditions were raised. While the issue of the growth of manufacturing and industry was looked upon with esteem, the issues of the pollution of living areas and bad working conditions received reactions of disgust. The growth of Manchester brought with it the issue of manufacturing and industrial growth. Because of the growing population of Manchester, more goods needed to be manufactured in order to support the large number of people in the city. More factories were built, more goods were produced, and manufacturing and production began to steeply rise. The city map shown in Document 1 reveals this growth in manufacturing, showing the building...
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