The Fundamentals of Being a DJ

Topics: Beatmatching, Phonograph, Music Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: January 9, 2014
The Fundamentals of Being a DJ

Keeping a crowd dancing on a dance floor is an acquired skill. Many djs attempt this feat but consistently fall short of the feat. People enjoying a party dancing are unhappy when they and everyone around them are not interested in more than one consecutive tune played by the dj. This paper discusses the art of keeping the people on a dance floor dancing. How to Keep a Crowd Dancing

The thought of being a dj crosses the mind of many music aficionados. Many lovers of music want to share the music they love with others. Often times people decide the best way to do this is to become a dj. Being a dj is just like being any other form of being an entertainer. The key to being a good dj is keeping the crowd dancing. The first thing a dj needs to consider is his audience. Certainly, music from the 50’s is not what a group of college students will dance to or like for a dj to play. Music selection is extremely important when the dj is responsible for entertaining a crowd of people. Choosing music that is familiar and consistent with the crowds taste is essential. Secondly, you must have the right equipment to dj. Djs use a variety of different equipment, ranging from turntables to laptop computers. Once you find a medium that you are comfortable with you need to find quality reliable equipment that works well and sounds good. It is impossible to have a successful event if your equipment is failing. Last but certainly not least a dj must know how to transition between two songs. It is important to consider the tempo and speed of the records you are transitioning. This process is called blending. In order to blend two records together you have to match the tempo and beat of one record to the record you intend to play next. If two records vary in tempo it is likely that the crowd you are playing for will leave the dance floor once they realize the record has changed. In conclusion, many people would love to play their favorite...
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