The Extensive Application of Wollastonite in Mining Industry

Topics: Capitalism, Mergers and acquisitions, Manufacturing Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Wollastonite wide range of uses, it can be brake pads, ceramic glaze and so on. It is understood that the most promising outlook for consumption of wollastonite is the area of ​​engineering plastics industry, and manufactured goods are increasingly being replaced by metal parts, the market demand. Processing and utilization of wollastonite due to crusher and grinding machines and other equipment to assist the mining machine so that wollastonite can well play their role in economic development shine.

In recent years, mining machinery companies have sprung up, broken machines, milling machines and other equipment constantly updated with the development of resources to the greatest degree of wollastonite on the use of unlimited prospects for the industry. It is understood that China’s annual production of wollastonite 55 million tons, ranking first in the world. Although wollastonite industry to achieve overall profitability, but profits still low, people with mining projects have increased potential cost increases, the mining and processing costs, which brought no profit to the enterprise of pressure.

As the domestic and international market demand for wollastonite growth continues unabated, the price gradually increased, a number of large international companies a high degree of attention to China’s markets and resources, trying to joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and other means to seize the country’s high-quality wollastonite resources, and thus monopolize the market. Resources in their respective areas of domestic enterprises and policy sectors, the involvement of foreign capital to be treated carefully, reasonable and proper use of resources, to ensure crusher healthy development of industries and enterprises.

Mobile crusher: Ball mill:
Mineral impact crusher:
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