The economic security

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The economic security is quite complicated subject of research as it is differently explained in scientific literature. According to V.Tambovtseva, for example, the economic security is understood as set of conditional properties of its production subsystem, providing possibility to achieve the objectives of all system. V.A.Savin considers that the economic security “represents system of protection of important state objectives”. There could be the national economy of whole country, certain regions, certain spheres and economy branches, legal entities and individuals as object of security. According to L.I.Abalkin the economic security is “a condition of economic system which allows it to develop dynamically, effectively and to solve social problems. Under this condition the state has opportunity to develop and carry out independent economic policy”. So in general this economic characteristic should be understood as the most important factor that defines ability to support normal conditions for the population, to provide the development of a national economy with resources steadily. Therefore ensuring economic security should be treated as one of the major national priorities. The economic security has complicated internal structure with three major elements: economic independence, stability, ability to self-develop and to progress. Economic independence is not absolute because the international division of labour contributes to interdependence between different national economies. In this case the economic independence means possibility to control various national resources, to achieve the level of production with high efficiency and quality of production which provides its competitiveness and allows participating in world trade, cooperation communications and an exchange of scientific and technical achievements. The stability of national economy assumes protection of different forms of property,...
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