The Economic Effect on Student Education

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The Economic Effect on Student Education
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In the United States a students’ education is effected by the Economy. Housing location of low income families’ effect student placement in schools that may not have the same resources available to them as other schools. Due to the recent economic downturn, families and thus students with a lower income are challenged to find ways to get the same education as non-low income schools. There are several factors that attribute to a student’s education such as funding, resources, programs, and teachers. When these resources are utilized a student from a low income family should receive the same level of education as those in non-low income schools. While a student’s education may be effected by the economy there are several state and national government programs available to the schools in the low-income communities. There are also several state and national programs available to the students of low-income families to aid in a better education. Effect on Students

The vast majority of low-income parents today are working but still struggling to make ends meet. They struggle to find and keep a job in an ever changing market. It is tough for them to keep up with their bills and pay the costs of everyday living. The basic bills of mortgage, groceries and utilities are tough to maintain while trying to raise children with a chance to succeed. These families have much in common with other American families. They all try to balance work and family life. One major difference is that parents and children in low-income families are more financially vulnerable than those in higher-income families.

According to the Urban Institute of Research, between 2000 and 2003, the number of low-income families with children increased from 30 to 32 percent. The families with full time jobs that are able work all year fell from 88 to 85 percent. Single-parent families were affected especially hard. In fact 37 percent of them that had lost their full time jobs were only receiving 8 percent of the increase in unemployment and insurance benefits. School Funding

The home environment of a low-income child can drastically differ from the higher-income family. It can be very stressful for children to live in these environments. Among school-age children and adolescents, those living in low-income families are less likely to be a part of school activities and more likely to exhibit high levels of emotional and behavioral problems. The State Education Agency or SEA is awarded funds for schools. The SEA then turns around and gives sub grants to Local Education Agencies or LEAs. A local education agency is able to apply to its States Education Agency for a sub grant under the following regulations: The LEA is not eligible for a grant under the Small Rural School Achievement Program (# 84.358A); 20 percent or more of the children ages 5 through 17 years served by the LEA are from families with incomes below the poverty line; and All of the schools served by the LEA are designated with a school locale code of 6, 7, or 8. (U.S. Department of Education, 2012)

Low-income children tend to be concentrated in low-income school districts. These children often attend schools that don’t have these recourses available to them. This is because the recourses they do have are so limited and there are not many to go around. Since education is primarily a state responsibility, more than 90 percent of school funding comes from state and other local sources, and the federal government provides the rest. School districts generally draw much of their revenue from local taxes. This means districts in high-wealth parts of a state often have more funding than other districts in low-income areas. Over time, some states have moved to school finance models. This means that school districts receive more funding from state resources and do not...
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