The Accounting Software Installation Project Case Study

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Accounting Software Installation Project started four months ago and is managed by Karin Chung. Karin thought she had everything planned before the project started. Each company division had trained and informed task force members and six the contractors involved in the project contributed to the work breakdown structure, cost, timeframes and specifications of the project.

Karin got all the important role players together at the beginning of the project and conducted a one day partnering workshop where all the major accounting heads of the different divisions, one member of each task group and key persons from each contractor were invited. The main purpose of the workshop was to improve team building amongst the different divisions with its task groups and the contractors.

Two months after the start of the project the first of several problems occurred that should have been a major concern to Karin as the project manager. Karin did not address the problems and because of her actions the project was falling apart after four months.

No integration of project activities took place and that was the main reason why contractors were blaming each other and the project was two months behind schedule.

Although problems have been identified that should have been a major concern to Karin, there was no risk scheduling in place from her side.

Lack of leadership and poor project management by Karin was a big concern. There was no managing of effective control on project performance, no reporting lines were in place and no progress reports have been completed.

Karin, the project manager had bad communication skills, she created confusion, resulting in the breaking down of relationships between the different role players. She did not play a leadership role. All of that resulted in poor team work between the different contractors and the task team members from the different company divisions.

There was no cooperation between the role players and no proper communication channels existed which created very low morale and negative attitudes thus not ensuring a motivational environment for all role players working on the project.

It is recommended that a Project Office be started with a program manager in charge to support the project manager and the different company division heads. A project office will help to integrate the project activities, do effective control and reporting plans on project progress, improve in house and external communications with the contractors and help with the scheduling of a project risk management plan that will result in risk monitoring and control.

It is also recommended that it be considered that Karen Chung be dismissed as project manager. She did not take up her responsibilities as project manager and she do not have the characteristics to be a good project manager. Poor leadership ability is very much visible in the case.


a.Reporting Lines/Access

One of the task force members from a company division complained to Karen about the contractor dealing with billing. He didn’t want to listen to his concerns about what he saw in the Virginia division. During the week Karen overheard that a consulting contractor badmouthing the work of another. On the same day an accounting department supervisor complained that new software will not be compatible with the Georgia division’s accounting practices.

Within one week three different persons did not follow the correct reporting line of communication. There was no proper staff management plan in place which resulted in no reporting lines to follow.

Project Managers need to have certain personal characteristics to be good leaders. Characteristics include being able to identify potential problems, being an expert in relational management, be goal oriented; and to be an effective communicator

According to Harold Kerzner, project managers are responsible for the...
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