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Topics: Manufacturing, Industry, Mass production Pages: 50 (13235 words) Published: February 28, 2013

Project Report Submitted
Miss Kamini Singh

Under the guidance of
Miss Sulbha Waghmare
Submitted to
"University of Pune"
In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of 'Master of Personnel Management’ (MPM) Through
Indira Institute of Management (MPM)


I was fortunate enough to get support from a large number of people to whom i shall always remain grateful. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Pune.
For granting me permission for this project and approving project works. I would like to thank my guide at
For being my side boosting my moral and guiding me throughout the project. I would in particular like to thank Director of college, Indira Institute of Management pune for providing the college recourses on time. I would like to thank my project guide. Who guided me right from the beginning of the project work to the end of it thus seeing to it she makes my project a grand success. I am indebted to each persons of the company, who honestly gave and shared their experiences related to their company, which help me in making analysis. My greatest indebtedness is to my family and friends who have contributed in so many ways, to this project. And finally I would to thank the Almighty god without whose divine hand nothing in this would moves and reaches its destination as this project.

Kamini Singh
MPM (2011-2013)


This is to certify that I Ms.Kamini Singh, a bonafide student of Indira Institute of management, Pune. I have work on the project titled

“Study of Labour Welfare” At Fine Arc Systems Pvt.Ltd Pune"

I hereby affirm that the contents of this project works are original. Furthermore it has neither been published elsewhere in any language fully or partly nor is it under review for publication anywhere. Further, I also declare that I have tried to my level best to complete this project with utmost sincerity ,honesty and accuracy, even then if, any mistake or error has crept in I shall most humbly request that reader to point out hose errors, any suggestion(s) regarding this project will be most welcome.

Date: Signature

Sr no.| Topic| page no|
1.| Introduction| 1|
2.| Industry profile| |
| 2.1| Introduction| |
| 2.2| Present scenario| |
3.| Company profile| |
4.| Literature review/survey| |
5.| Research methodology| |
| 5.1| Research objective and scope| |
| 5.2| Research design| |
| 5.3| Types of research| |
| 5.4| Sampling| |
| 5.5| Data collection| |
6.| Data analysis and interpretation| |
| 6.1| Table| |
| 6.2| Chart| |
| 6.3| Interpretation| |
7.| Observation and findings| |
8.| Conclusion| |
9.| Suggestion | |
10.| Limitation | |
11.| Reference | |
12.| Annexure | |

Introduction of labour welfare
1. Labour Welfare
Labour is the most important ingredient in the process of production. Welfare means faring or doing well, it’s a comprehensive term and refers to the physical, mental, moral and emotional well-being of an individual. With the growth of industrialization mechanization it has acquired added importance. Labour welfare has proved to contribute to efficiency in production. The study on welfare measures is more relevant in today’s business scenario characterized by very tough...
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