Strategic Quality Management

Topics: Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Management Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Strategic Quality Management
Strategic Quality Management (SQM) is the process of establishing long-range quality goals and defining the approach to meeting those goals (Juran and Gryan, 1993: page 38). In order for an organization to succeed against its’ competitors, they will need to apply SQM. This will help them to implement continuous improvement within the company. “SQM also requires values and principles, system thinking, positive leadership, internal and external customer satisfaction, people development and empowerment, and high performance individuals and teams as well as process ownership and the continuous evaluation and improvement of products, services, processes and relationships” (Pryor, White, and Toombs, 2007: page 1-2). However, the ultimate goal is to satisfy the customer. Even though it is a tough global economy, applying the strategic quality management will keep the organization in place. But every step and phase must be followed in order to succeed with the competition. In regards to SQM and ensure there is a continuous assessment in adjustment of the competitive approach is based on the idea of the seven key principles. First, “Top management must be deeply involved with SQM to emphasize the need for commitment from all staff members” (Low and Sze: page 38). This shows a level of commitment within the organization to reflect dedication. Secondly, “SQM requires that all employees see the customer as the focus of their activity, whether their function is marketing, manufacturing or accounting” (Low and Sze: page 38). As stated, there are many different types of organizations; however, servicing the customer’s needs is the key to success. Thirdly, “The time spent fixing earlier mistakes that add little or no value to the final product result in a huge amount of unproductive time which generally bring little benefit to the client” (Riggs, 1994). Anytime, there is a mishap production is at a loss and clients will not be satisfied due to...
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