Socio Economic Aspect

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Contribution to Government Revenues
The benefit that the government can obtain from Eco-Casket Manufacturing is the tax revenue itself. Moreover, this business can also offer jobs to a lot of unemployed citizens that will further help the economy build itself. And in return this tax revenue collected by the government will benefit the household sector. Contribution to the Growth of Industries

Eco-Casket Manufacturing is a business that will provide caskets that are least expensive on the market but serve the same functions as traditional wood and metal caskets. This business is supposed to help people, especially those less fortunate that cannot afford to buy an expensive one. This will give knowledge to the public that there is an alternative to traditional caskets and will encourage them to purchase and use the eco-caskets. Contribution to Common Household

The household sector is as well benefited by small businesses. This particular business will help out those people that are unemployed by giving them opportunities to have a stable job. Aside from this, they are also the ultimate recipients of the taxes collected by the government from the business sector and professional workers. Neighbourhood security, medication, education, public highways are just some of the benefits that household sector obtain from the government. Contribution to the Environment

Eco-Casket Manufacturing will produce eco-friendly products and is one with the promotion of green environment. This business will use products such as paper that is not harmful to the environment.



Eco- Casket Manufacturing is established to provide affordable and eco-friendly caskets with the same quality being offered by other manufacturers. Due to price increase of caskets, many people tend to demand low cost caskets that can meet their preferences. Thus, the proponents came up with the idea to put up the...

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