Social Media and Hospitality Industry

Topics: Hotel, Hospitality industry, Lodging Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Social media is increasing on the internet very quickly, with millions of people, who have already joined it. It is a young phenomenon, impulsed by the desire of meeting and chatting with friends, on a single platform, such as Facebook® or Twitter®. But, social media means to join groups and pages, to participate to debates, to give feedbacks or reviews too. In this way, how is it useful for hotels and hospitality companies? What are the advantages? What are the drawbacks? In the first part, this essay will analyse the different advantages for hotel marketing, of employing social media. Then, it will study the drawbacks that social media pages can create against hospitality establishments.

What kind of advantages could a social media page create?
Since 2010, companies have understood that, social media could play an important role, as an advertising and marketing tool. In fact, companies, such as Best Western International® (the largest hospitality company in the world), which dispose of a powerful marketing system, have understood, that a social media page, is read by millions of people, and so, by customers too. In this way, if a hospitality company makes his own page, this one, will be ridden by a lot of people and then, will increase the reputation of the company. Of course, reputation isn’t the only goal of a social media. On its page, a hotel group will be able to inform people about special offers and events in their different establishments. The page will be able to work as a newsletter too. Indeed, in addition to special offers and events, a hotel can actualize the page with news to tell customers what’s happening in their hotels and business in general. As mentioned before, people are able to give feedback, reviews and their opinion on social media. Here as a consequence comes one of the most important roles of social media in hospitality industry: feedback and reviews. Indeed, hospitality companies can tell customers to give their opinions...
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