Should You Be Able to Download Music?

Topics: Uploading and downloading, Download manager, BitTorrent Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Downloading music from the internet, especially illegally, is one of the leading topics in the world today, mainly here in America. Almost every home in this country has a computer, and some, more than others, making it even easier to have access to the internet. Because of this, people seem to stay at home more and do everything from the computer like shopping for clothes, looking for a new car, or what most people are doing today, downloading music and/or other media. This topic becomes more serious every single day. Everyone who uses this method of getting music or other types of media, don’t realize what they are doing and what’s at risk. People see an easy way of doing something for free and they are ready and willing to do it regardless of the consequences. The question that most people ask is should it be okay to download music?

It should be okay, for a price. It takes a lot of time and money to make one song. The number one thing that is overlooked the most when downloading from the internet, mainly illegally, is that the industries that create these media programs or files are losing huge amounts of money every day that this occurs. For instance, the music industry begins with the artist who wrote the music, then there’s the recording studio who records the artist, which involves sound mixers, musicians, equipment, backup singers, and that’s just for the song. Then there’s everyone who works there besides the people who are recording there. Also, there’s the marketing and advertising for the band, setting up concert for the singer or band, the making of the CD’s, traveling, tours and the list goes on. If people were to continue downloading music illegally, how would any of this get paid for? Concerts would be done with, recording studios would be done with, and then the artist themselves would be done with, and in the end, no more music period to download, or to listen to at that. Reasons that should be considered when a download...
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