Topics: Manufacturing, Food, Food safety Pages: 3 (559 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Case Study: Crises spreads from the field of India to the supermarkets shelves of Sheffield

The past two decades have seen the growing concern about food safety. Food standards have been declining, as factory farming and mass production have led to succession of food scares. The Sudan 1 was sold to the spice mills where they were ground and an illegal red dye. The red dye that was added to chili powder is normally used to color wax and floor polish. The Sudan 1 toxins cause a cancer, in the process of a laboratory experimentation using rats. The Food Standards Agency had banned the dye from all food products sold in the United Kingdom. It were argued before on how real the risk was to humans when they talk in to very small doses Time Context

In February 2005, the newspapers found themselves reporting about the food scare, this time of contaminated chilli powder, which had made its way into hundreds of manufactured foods. In 2002 at India, the chillies were grown, harvested and dried. At the same year an unknown trader purchased the adulterated chilli powder. Central Problem.

The Sudan 1 that was included in the chilli powder.
Manufacturers of foods do not prioritize the food safety, involving the ingredients that they were buying. Secondary Problem
The consumer’s had been contemned, because of the Sudan 1. The lost of consumers loyalty.
To have more customers than what they had
To become number 1 manufacturing company of the chilli powder.
One who could attain the highest cost that regards to the company to gain more profit.
To become a popular company when it comes to manufacturing
Customer’s loyalty for the company
Become a biggest producer of the chilli powder
Let them be liable of the safety of the food that they produce
Have more clients in different company
To enlarge the capability of every product that they would produce

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