Senior Project/Manufacturing Garments: America vs International

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Manufacturing Garments: America Versus International

Though many believe that manufacturing overseas is a more cost effective route,

some believe that manufacturing within the United States is the most beneficial way of

production for many reasons. With multi million/billion dollar companies such as Nike,

Reebok, and Under Armour creating goods out of foreign countries the

negative repercussions at the end of the process out weigh the positive by far. For simple

and for simple logical reasons but first off, one needs to learn what goes into making just

one garment. Answering questions like where are the resources from?, who supplies

those resources?, and how those little subdivions of this big idea has evolved and moved

forward with the entire industry. Then you will be informed of the steps it takes to create

a single finished product. Really, the second half of the compositions talked

about previously, further more the outcome on how it effects the economy, with big

business sourcing out their company’s products, they also, consequently, ship out the

jobs as well, which is why if you look around (maybe not in Newport Beach) you see

people looking for employment and the aftermath of what was one of the worst

recessions in the US history. And, much of it all has to do with complete dependency.

Fourth is centered around both the reasoning and comparison for either

direction, analyzing the benefits of working from ones home country versus

going and manufacturing elsewhere. Also, why and isn’t that what makes big business

pursue their production elsewhere rather than staying here and building a company right

in their own backyard. Lastly of course is the bottom line, what does it all come out to?

Are you really ahead financially? Is it worth it? or is the greed the winner in this scenario.

All things that have been brought in to reasoning will be looked over in the pages

to come because its time we took an honest look at what we have consequently done to

ourselves as an economy and as a nation. Though many believe that

manufacturing overseas is a more cost effective route,
some believe that manufacturing within the United States is the most beneficial way of

production for many reasons.

So what goes into making a garment? Where does this stuff come from? Well the

prominent resource in the industry is none other then cotton. Cotton, or hemp is one of

the oldest textiles used in history. The leading cotton growing countries to date are China,

India, and the United States. These three countries grow the majority of the worlds

cotton." (2B)  "China alone produces roughly 30% of the worlds supply". (2E) Cotton

fibers are used mostly to make clothing. Various types of cotton fibers can be woven into

fabrics for different kinds of garments from rugged work clothes to delicate dresses. (2C)

Even scientists have identified dozens of species, or kinds of cottons, however, only four

are cultivated, with pima and upland, being most popular commodity amongst them.

Until the early 1900’s, the greatest manufacturing centers were in Western

Europe. The United States became the leading manufacturing giant during WWI, 1914 –

1948. Since then, the USA has been ranked as the greatest producer of manufactured

goods.(1C) North America, Europe and Asia rank as leaders of output. Together they

produce 49% of the worlds manufactured goods. (1D) In the United States alone,

manufacturing companies operate over 330,000 factories. Making products involves one

or more processes. (1) Synthetic (2) analytic (3) conditioning. All of which are different

forms of transformation. For example, different processes of manufacturing in other

industries would be cars, creating parts to assemble, or oil, which its ultimate outcome is...
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