Riordan Manufacturing

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Running Head: Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing:

Inception to Production Planning

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September 23, 2009

The present paper discusses the proposal package for Riordan which handles each step of electric fans from inception to production. It includes the material requirement planning phase of fans being manufactured at the China Plant. There is further analysis of existing process for the production of the Riordan electric fans. It provides the basic outline for designing the new process to remove the bottleneck in the process to optimize it for meeting the demands of customer by supply-chain concepts. Production forecast for the Riordan electric fans is discussed along with implementation plan of Lean Production using Gantt Charts. Finally, cover letter describes the coordination of aggregate operations planning and suggested TQM process to define the strategic objective of the company. The MRP for the Manufacturing of the Riordan Electric Fans

The China plant of Riordan Manufacturing is the production unit which applies material requirement planning to meet the time-phased requirement of material for assembled units or fan production operations. Raw materials are collected at receiving departments. These are processed to make it suitable for molding departments. The molded unit acts as input for trimming department which can be selectively used for creating further parts. Sometimes, it can become waste by-products. The trimmed parts are assembled at the assembly department to create higher components. These components are handled at packaging department. The shipping department supplies the packaged units of electric fans for distribution unit. (University of Phoenix, 2009). There are scrap materials from each department which is creating a concern for the firm. There is need of minimizing the waste products from each operational unit to reduce the cost of fan production. The manufacturing unit in Hangzhou, China uses these spare parts to create customized products. There are issues in achieving the periodic orders to supply the number of fans as the production plan is based on yearly demand of electric fans. The lack of definite pattern in order leaves the gap in assessing the exact material requirement on the short notice. The management team of company is concentrating on the optimization strategy to improve the process of MRP based on process variability involved in the supply, demand and production of Riordian electric fans.

A New Process Design for the Production of the Riordan Electric Fans
The current process of Riordian Manufacturing's China plant operation is based on the quantity of fans to be produced. The local company is supposed to provide the required stock of motors based on the production forecast. But this method of operation is able to deliver only 93% of the stock on time. The company can opt for alternative manufacturers along with existing unit to meet the forecasted production of motors. This will increase the competitiveness among the manufacturing unit and delivery schedule will not have slippages. There are other options of keeping the readymade supplies of motors as inventory unit in Riordian inventory itself. But it will increase the inventory cost. Since plastic polymer used in electric fans has plenty of supplies, the lower stock of plastic polymer can balance the cost to reduce the financial burden due to extra stock of motors.

Flow Chart for Existing Production Process of Riordian Electric Fans In above paragraph, few options have been considered for improving the existing production process of Riordian Electric fans. The key processes involved in the material plan requirements and the supply chain process in China manufacturing unit can improve the efficiency of production plan in cost effective manner. Lean...

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