Quality of Design

Topics: Manufacturing, Industrial design, Product management Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Quality of Design
Throughout the development process there are several aspects that need to be accounted for, quality being one of the most important. Quality of design and Quality of a new product are both significant aspects to consider when a product is being developed and while a product is on the market. Assessing the quality of industrial design allows specific questions to be answered which give the manufacturers a better understanding of how successful the product will be in comparison to its competitors. Quality Design will also tell the manufacturer what impacts the product might have on the environment. Product quality plays a significant role in the production process; a product must be of high quality to accomplish the overall goal of the manufacturer. Discuss and differentiate quality of design and quality of the new product.  The quality of design has many similar aspects as the quality of a new product. Both are concerned with the overall quality of the item that is being produced. There are a few differences between the two; basically one has to do with the overall design of the product. Questions that might be asked would be; how easy is the product to use, Are all features safe, Is the product intuitive. Although there are several more questions that could be asked, those questions give a general idea of what differentiates quality of design and quality of a new product. “No longer can designers “throw the design over the wall” to production engineers. As a result of this emphasis on improved design quality, some manufacturers claim to have reduced production costs of products by up to 50 percent.The quality of a new product depends on a products quality once it has been produced”(Ulrich, Eppinger). Quality is an important aspect of the product itself, generally the opinion that the consumer has of a product is based heavily on quality. Quality of design will determine how happy a consumer is with the overall appearance of the product. The...

Cited: Ulrich, K. T., & Eppinger, S. D. (2012). Product design and development (5th edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill
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