Project 113 Manufacturing ResearchIntroductionThe term manufacturing

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Project 1.1.3 Manufacturing Research

The term manufacturing can refer to many different process components. Not only does it mean “to make products” or “to make products efficiently,” but it also refers to the many different types of manufacturing that exist, the materials used, and the mechanisms employed.

How do you gather information? Do you watch the news, read newspapers and books, surf the Internet, or talk to friends? How do you know which of your sources are reliable? When you hear gossip at school, how do you determine whether it is true?

In this project you will be asked to conduct research for your class. Your goal is not only to learn about a topic, but to teach your classmates as well. You will be asked to cite several sources for your findings to justify their validity.  

Internet access
Library access
Presentation software
Engineer’s notebook
In this project you and a partner will research a topic in manufacturing and create a presentation for your class. A list of topics is provided below.

1. Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)
2. Computer-aided design (CAD)
3. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
4. Just-in-time (JIT)
5. Automation
6. Lean manufacturing
7. Robotics
8. Six sigma
9. Automated storage/retrieval system (ASRS)
10. Automated guided vehicle (AGV)
11. Kaizen
12. Flexible manufacturing system (FMS)
13. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
14. Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Save information and graphics to your student network folder to be used in the development of a presentation. Make sure you record and properly reference all information sources in your engineer’s notebook. Your research should focus on the following information:

What is it? (definition)
Who created or affected it?
How has it changed throughout history? Go back as far as you can. What is it like today?

Develop a five- to ten- minute presentation that includes the following information:

Title slide with your name, class, period, and selected topic Definition
A timeline showing the history of the topic
Major changes that have occurred in the topic
People who have influenced the topic
A reference page of at least four Internet sites and other sources used to gather your presentation information; record in APA style  
You will present your findings to the class.
As you listen to your classmates’ presentations, take notes so that you can answer the four questions above for each topic. The grid below has been provided to assist you.

Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM)
Just-in-time (JIT)
Lean manufacturing
Six sigma
Automated storage/retrieval system (ASRS)
Automated guided vehicle (AGV)

Kaizen theory
Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)
Programable logic controller (PLC)
Computer numerical control (CNC)
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