Product Process Matrix

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Product Process Matrix

A common classification of production process structures
We often classify processes based on their physical configuration, material and product flow, flexibility, and volume expectation. There are four different process types, which a manager can choose, keeping in mind the relative importance of the following attributes:- Quality, Time, Flexibility, and Cost. These are:

1. Job process
2. Batch process
3. Line process, and
4. Continuous process

Job process
Machining precision parts

Batch process
Producing a batch of textbooks

Line process
Auto assembly

Continuous process
Oil-refining process

Figure 4.7 Processes at manufacturing organizations

Job process
A job process creates the flexibility needed to produce a variety of products or services in significant quantities. Customization is relatively high and volume for any one product or service is low. A job process primarily organizes all like resources around itself; equipment and workers capable of certain types of work are located together. These resources process all jobs requiring that type of work. This process choice creates jumbled flows through the operations as customization is high and most jobs have a different sequence of processing steps. A typical example would be a machine shop which makes components for the aerospace industry. Most parts on airplanes are made in relatively small quantities compared to iPods. Other types of common job shops are grinding, honing, jig-boring, and gear manufacturing shops. Batch process

A batch process (disconnected flow processes) differs from the job process with respect to volume, variety, and quantity. The primary difference is that volumes are higher because the same or similar products or services are provided repeatedly. Another difference is that a narrower range of products and services is provided. Batch production is popular in bakeries and in the manufacture of text books,...
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