Process Design Matrix and Summary

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Process Design Matrix and Summary
Thomas Beadin
December 19, 2013
Mary O’Donnel
Process Design Matrix and Summary
This process design matrix and executive summary will focus on Chapman Tool and Manufacturing and there performance measurement process. This executive summary is needed for Chapman Manufacturing due to their lack of process performance management that will include service approaches, that consist of production line, self-service, and personal attention approaches. This summary will also cover product approaches for their process performance measurements that consist of, batch assembly line and continuous flow approaches. This executive summary of process performance measurement will quantitatively tell Chapman Manufacturing something important about their products, services, and any of the processes that produce them. To conclude this summary, this tool will help Chapman Manufacturing understand, manage, and improve the company’s processes. To begin, the first service approach for Chapman’s process performance management consist of production line approach to improve the company’s performance efficiently and effectively. “Performance management means addressing any and all performance issues, meaning feedback for performance that is not up to par with procedure as well as praising employees for a job well done.” (Mayhew, R. 2013) Chapman starts with each employee receiving their performance file that includes their consistency, effectiveness, and efficiency for their progress for success and promotions. These performance measurements, that includes their 10-15 machines of production line approaches. There will be a selection on running their machine to run perfect parts or to make changes but this way they have it recorded and make the changes as needed. The second service approach for the process performance measurement plan consists of, a self-service approach. Chapman Tool and Manufacturing will be implementing EMC2...

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