process capability of bata

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About the company
Bata is one of the largest footwear retailers and manufacturers having operations in about 5 continents managed by 4 regional meaningful business units (MBU’s). Each MBU is entrepreneurial in nature and can easily adapt to the changing market and seize potential growth opportunities. Bata’s strength lies in its global presence. Although Bata operates in a wide variety of markets, climates and buying power Bata companies share the same leadership points. Two important ones being product concept development and the best possible services. Serves 1 million customers per day

Employs more than 40,000 people
Operates 5000 retail stores
Runs 40 production facilities across 25 countries

In INDIA Bata has 5 production facilities and 1 leather unit: Batanagar, Kolkata
Faridabad, Uttar Pradesh
Bataganj, Patna
Southcane, Bangalore
Hosur, Tamilnadu
Leather unit at Patna
20% of the total Indian shoe production come from Bata which accounts for about 8crore pairs. There are basically 3 types of Bata stores 1. Flagship stores- where the target sales are 1 crore plus and the target populatin is high income group. 2. Family stores- target sales range between 50 lakhs to 1 crore and the target group is middle income population. 3. Bazaars- target sales are less than 50 lakhs and the maximum purchasers are people from low income group.

The manufacturing process

Bata mainly produces canvas P.T shoes and Hawaii slippers. It normally uses Batch Production system. The plant has assembly lines which work simultaneously, 1 is for stitching upper part of the shoe and the other one semi-automated conveyer belt for assembly of the shoe, at the end of which we get the shoe also other processes also take place simultaneously like the production of adhesive cement, rubber latex and shoe binding etc are done at different work stations. One conveyer belt requires 35 people to work and 6 people are required on the stitching conveyer. One set of...
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