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PRODUCTION is transformation /value addition of Input Raw Material into Finished Goods known as “PRODUCT”.  PLANNING is the Decision making process to achieve the End Objective by choosing the best Alternative which consumes the least amount of input resources and gives the maximum Output. CONTROL ensures that the Planned Production is constantly monitored and maintained and any deviation is avoided “PRODUCTION PLANNING is the determination, acquisition and arrangement of all Facilities necessary for the future Production of items or services” – Ray Wild. PRODUCTION PLANNING is a pre-production activity associated with the design of the PRODUCTION SYSTEM PRODUCTION CONTROL is to ensure that whatever is planned and Scheduled is actually implemented and achieved. PLANNING IS ‘PLANNING THE WORK’


Objectives of PPC:
To Plan systematically Production related Activities to meet Targets of Production with the available resources of the firm. To Provide optimum manufacturing resources i.e. Men, Machine and Material of right quality, in right quantity, at the right time, right place and right price. To schedule Production facilities for their optimum use.

To co-ordinate the activities of different department relating to the production to achieve regular, steady and balance flow of production. To ensure conformance to the Delivery commitments and inform Sales Department regarding difficulties in advance. To inform management before hand of the difficulties which may crop up later in achieving Production Target. To maximize Production with given resources.

To minimize Wastages and non value added activities.
By Work Measurement establishes Productivity norms and the Plant capacity.

The basic specification of production system is decided from the POLICY which in turn is in compliance with corporate objectives.

Production Function-Other functional areas

Types of Production

PROJECT:- Single assignment of complex nature is undertaken for completion within the given period and estimate cost. Characteristics:-
1. Definite beginning and definite end.
2. Non-uniform requirement of resources.
3. Involvement of different agencies.
- co-ordination of agencies required.
4. ‘Fixed position’ layout
5. High cost overruns.
6. Scheduling and control of various activities

Job production:- One or a few units of a product are produced to customers’ requirement with a given period and within the pre-fixed cost.


1. Small production runs.
2. General purpose machines and process layout
3. Highly skilled labor
4. Large work in progress
- Detailed scheduling and process control is economically infeasible.

Batch Production:-A definite and limited quantity of each type of product is authorized for manufacture at a time. Characteristics

1. Short production runs.
2. General purpose machines and process layout
3. Highly skilled and specialized labor
4. Large wok-in-progress
5. Manufacturing cycle time is affected due to queues of batches. 6. Need to have production planning and control.

MASS PRODUCTION (Mass and Flow Production):-Where a production run is conducted either on a single machine or on a number of machines, arrangements according to the sequence of operations and large number –

1. Continuous flow of material
2. Special purpose machines and -----
3. Mechanized material handling.
4. Low skilled labor
5. Short manufacturing cycle- Machine’s capacities are balanced by duplicating machines wherever necessary. 6. Easier supervision
7. Limited work-in-progress
8. Lesser flexibility in production schedules.

PROCESS PRODUCTION:- Production is characterized by the manufacture of single product. The production run is conducted for an infinite...
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