Playing a Game Get Fun Only When You Win

Topics: Game, Thing, Play Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Following develop of computer industry, many people going to playing a game, and people who playing a game they are going to bigger every year. In addition many people believe that playing a game is fun only when they win; However, I don’t believe that, I believe people get fun from playing a game when they lose.

In modern times every people have computer and we can use internet everywhere in the world. So world is really smaller than before modern times, people enjoy about communication with the other people. Also the game is changed before modern times, long times ago when people playing a game they playing alone, if people playing with their friends it still few people can playing a game together; however, now the world is changed people can meet so many people from online game when they playing a game there are so many different kind of people in game and they playing same game, if they don’t know each other it is not a problem, they make a team and they playing a game together. That is why many people playing a game now.

However there are many people in game who believe playing a game is fun when they win. Some people get a annoying or angry when they lose games, and they blame their team mate. Of course that case is really unordinary situation, but that is true many people believe they have to win for get a fun. When people getting bigger who playing a game, there a many game is exist in online community and each game have competition system for each players. So people think it is very important about get a high score in game, and when they get higher score than other people they feel fun about game. That is why people believe playing a game is fun only when they win; however I think there still fun when people lose game.

In my case, usually I playing a game with my friends for make a team, I played online game which make a team and have a team fight with the other team. When I playing this game, I really have fun about process, just chat with team...
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