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April 4, 2014
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Technology is all around us in the year 2014, electronic media is part of everyday life from infancy to adulthood, is this a good or a bad thing, it is all a matter of getting the facts straight then putting it into perspective. Media tools available for productivity and entertainment purposes are common culprits of publicly known negative outcomes of video game enthusiasts as well as obesity in recent headlines concerning the poor health of Americans. The news broadcast the tragic school shootings that took many lives but at the same time, the video game industry is contributing positively to society, especially economically not to mention educational and physical development of the masses. The length and type of exposure each parent allows influence in how positive or how negative affect his or her child will have. Learning and healthy social interactions are plausible with playing video games, as well as fitness with the new interactive games getting children to get a move-on, alternative options are available to sitting in front of a screen long periods not benefiting in any way. Help is out there, in all forms for different levels of tech literacy from zero to advance, to get our children the most of what is good preventing the negative altogether. Children are at great risk for social isolation and aggressive behavior is a common stereotype, but there is more to playing video games than meets the eye. It is very unfortunate that video games takes the majority of blame for recent history of school shootings, but children is under responsibility of a parent or adult authority who is the overseer of children’s safety physical and emotional. The Pew Internet and American Life Project showed that children ages 12-17 years old, 93 percent are on the internet and 71 percent own a cell phone (Strasburger 757). There are many factors influencing young children, “the average adolescent by the age of 18 will have witnessed over 200,000 acts of violence on television alone.” Yes, there is a big concern about health and psychological problems that are likely to come up with certain types of video games where entertainment surpasses ethics and moral. The violent and sexual content of games rated for mature audiences could potentially be destructive emotionally for adolescents (Raj 5). Some fictitious characters with sexy physiques can give out a negative message of the importance of perfection to developing adolescents creating self-consciousness of physical appearance causing low self-esteem issues; but, like always it’s up to the parental monitoring and communication with children that can stop any of these problems before hand. The male characters have more hero roles and female characters are fewer in lead roles mostly to appeal larger consumer group of boys even though there are a large number girl video game players its predominantly males that make up the gamers population (Calvert 48). Children are exposed to media from first stages of life; Television is first introduction of learning media for infants stimulating many of their developing senses. Children under the age of eight are more vulnerable to the types of mature advertising they not fully comprehend the true nature of commercials luring them as consumers before time (Strasburger 758). Today’s world is fast paced and busy but it is our job as parents to prioritize the amount of time invested to raising children, they are our future. What kind of future would you like to live in? The American Association of Pediatrics recommendations of maximum allowance for children and media usage is up to an hour weekdays, parents should take the extra time to educate themselves before purchasing or allowing their children to use media for entertainment. A large amount of child’s day spent only on one activity; the average child’s media exposure is about 7 hours a day, making it more than any other...

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