Oral Communication

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Communication Methods
There are many groups, which the organisation must communicate with such as internal groups and external groups. A type of communication that may take place would be an oral communication. There are many advantages and disadvantages, an advantage would be that oral communication tends to be faster than written forms this allows interpretation and further discussion. A disadvantage would have to be that it lacks the permanent nature of written communication this means it cannot be stored and referred to later. Oral communication includes a face-to-face meeting like interviews. An advantage of this would be that that it’s quick and saves time than writing out forums. A disadvantage would be oral communication depends on the person listening skills. If the listener is not proactive, the communication exercise fails. Oral communication also includes formal meetings; most face-to-face communication is very structured. Most business meetings are often formal and follow a set agenda. Meetings may have a chairman who decides what will be discussed and who will talk. Often a specific person will introduce a point on the agenda. An advantage is that everyone will know what is going to be discussed in advance. A disadvantage is that formal meetings take time to organise. Another oral communication is interviews were there is a formal question and answer session. They can take place in many different situations. They may be used when applying for jobs. Interviews are normally face-to-face communication. Advantage is both sides can ask questions and detailed questions can be asked. A disadvantage is that information given is not always truthful and interviews sometimes do not always show if the applicant can do the job. Another type of communication would have to be a written communication. An advantage of this type of communication would have to be that it would provide ready records and references. Another advantage would be that it is a permanent...
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