operations management at bmw

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1. Executive summary....3
2. Introduction….3
3. Transformation process of BMW automobile production in the Dingolfing plant….3 4. Differences between service and manufacturing operations….5 5. Operations strategy of BMW….6
6. Operational objectives for automobile production in Dingolfing plant….7 7. Design….8
7.1 Process design….8
7.2 Product design….8
7.3 Designing an car in BMW….9
7.4 Evaluating and improving the design…9
7.5 Simulation and prototyping in design of the BMW’s….9 8. Design of the operation process of automobile production in the Dingolfing plant….10 9. Process type….10
10. Supply network design…10
10.1. Supplier risk management system....11
10.2. Supplier relationship….11
10.3. Sustainability with the suppliers….11
10.4. Supplier strategies….11
10.5. Vertical integration….11
11. Layout and flow design….12
11.1 Work time allocation in the plant….12
12. Job design…13
12.1. Commitment of the workers….13
12.2. Qualified workers….13
12.3. Working conditions….13
12.4. Superseding the hierarchies in BMW….13
12.5. Flexible working time….14
12.6. Responsible personnel policy….14
12.7. Working in the other plants….14
12.8. Ergonomics….14
13. Process technology in BMW…..15
13.1 Press shop….15
13.2. Body shop….15
13.3. Paint shop….15
13.4. Engine construction….15
13.5. Assembly line and Assembly plant….16
13.6. Logistics….16
13.7. Quality check….16
14. Capacity planning in the plant….16
15. Inventory management in this plant….17
16. ERP application in the plant….17
17. Lean manufacturing and JIT in the BMW production….17
18. Sustainable operations at BMW plant….18
19. Problems faced by the BMW group and the gaps in the design of operation in this plant….18 20. Recommendations…..18
21. Conclusion….20
22. References…..21

1. Executive summary:
This is a report of the operations management of the BMW automobile production plant at Dingolfing. In the first part this report talks of the dominant transformation process of the plant, the important operational objective of the car produced in the plant, the operational strategies of the plant and the difference between the operations in the service industry to the operations of this plant. The second part of the report analyses the product design and the process design of the cars produced here that is how they are designed and how they are produced. It also talks about various aspects involved in the process design of the cars, the sustainability practised in the operations, the gaps in their design and operations and how they can solve the gaps in their design. This report therefore gives a clear in-depth analysis of the design aspect in the operation of the plant.

2. Introduction:
In today’s competitive world every product produced needs to have a design and objectives to attract the customers based on their corporate strategy, so to exceed customer’s expectation an effective operations management is important for that organisation to execute that design. BMW produces luxury cars and main aim is to attract high-end customers it has many plants all over the world this report analyses the transformation process and how the cars are designed and produced in the BMW Dingolfing plant. The BMW plant at Dingolfing is the largest plant of the BMW it consists paint shop, body shop, press shop, logistics department, assembly line, quality check department. This plant produces about 200,000 cars a year mainly the 5,6,7 series models and also parts and engines for other of its production plants all over the world. Nearly 11,000 parts are shipped to this plant everyday from its suppliers which are used in the automobile production in this plant, parts and engines are also shipped from this plant to the other plant all over the world and also to its dealers who require parts for servicing. The finished cars are also shipped to other parts of Europe. This plant also provides serving faculties...

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