National Manufacturing Communciation Strategy Analysis and Memo

Topics: Operator, Audience, Performance Pages: 4 (1053 words) Published: August 25, 2012
National Manufacturing Communication Strategy Analysis: Problem-Solution Template

Note: Answer the questions in bullet point format, using complete sentences and proper punctuation / grammar for each bullet point. Do not exceed one page.

ProblemWhat is the problem you’re trying to solve? How does it impact the organization or group?| * The problem is the new manufacturing system installed in the plant requires trained workers to successfully operate the machine and at the time the new section is scheduled to open only 4 out of 16 workers will have experience. * Having untrained workers will increase the rejection rate for output of production.| PurposeWhat is your objective or what do you want to accomplish with this message?| * My objective is to persuade James Resnick to approve additional training and delay the opening of the new section.| Audience Who is your target audience (decision makers)? Is there a secondary audience? What are the audience characteristics and interests relevant to your message?| * The target audience is James Resnick. * The secondary audience is the 16 people that will staff the new manufacturing system. * Mr. Resnick’s time is valuable; therefore, the message needs to be clear, complete, and to the point. * Additionally, Mr. Resnick is a no-nonsense, “bottom line” executive, so the memo will need to provide details of how the benefits of the solution will outweigh the cost. | ContextWhat are the contextual factors that may influence your message?| * Advanced training takes place in Germany, so the message will need to justify the costs associated with travel. * Currently, the new section of the Atlanta plant is scheduled to open as soon as the first group of employees return from Germany. Sending a second group of employees will delay the opening of the new section for 3 weeks, so the message will need to indicate how the benefits of training will outweigh lost revenue.| MessageWhat is your...
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