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Topics: Manufacturing, New product development, Product management Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 15, 2012
1)What are the key success factors for Motorola's ASIC Division?

The opening of a new production facility in Chandler was an opportunity for them to make changes within the division. * New plant floor layout that was designed particularly to suit the JIT philosophy and to the specific processes of the plant

* Ability to adapt to the changes in the industry and provide new products. This can be seen from the involvement of customer in the middle of the development cycle

* Reduced Product Development time

* Strict Quality assurance measures.

* Production system and plant designed specifically to fit the needs of the division.

* Shorter development to manufacturing cycle

2)Does a traditional standard cost system address these key success factors? The traditional standard cost system was designed for a old style or traditional production system. The dynamic changes, rapid volume production, number of different outputs of the ASIC division don’t fit into the framework of the current accounting system. The traditional system was a functional based accounting system, while ASIC needs a product oriented accounting system. In many case functional based accounting would not be a meaningful measure for ASIC division. Currently, when variance was detected it was too late. the variance related to a specific in the quick phase production system failed to account for the accumulation of positive and negative variance. 3)What are good measures of these key success factors?

The good measures of the key success factors are that they are specifically designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of ASIC division which resulted in better control and better product delivery which would ultimately result in better service to the customers

4)How would you control the plant using these measures and the current structure of the plant? The division was organized along functional lines like Product Engineering Department, New product Development...
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