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1. Introduction
MRF Goa Unit was commissioned in the year 1971, but the production commenced on 29th September 1971. It is situated at Ponda, Usgao adjacent to the National Highway NH 4. It was the 3rd tyre manufacturing plant started by the MRF wherein only truck tyres (BIAS and ADV) are manufactured. The plant was built in a record period of 18 months. The Head Office is situated in Chennai. Initially, the production was limited to cotton fibres and flap’s but over a period of time, the MRF Goa unit has grown into a vast organization for manufacture of truck tyres, tubes and flaps. Apart from the main plant there is also another unit called Unit II which carries out mixing of raw materials and manufacturing of tubes. In MRF Goa unit the production department is the main department. The Head Office at Chennai mostly carries out the marketing function. The marketing team forecasts the demand and then divides total amount of tyres required for the year based on the capacity of each plant. It is one of the six plants which boast the largest turnover of about 1600 crores per annum. The Goa plant the 2nd highest turnover of MRF plants. The MRF Goa Unit consists of Production, Human Resource, Purchase, Accounts/ Finance, Stores, Planning, Quality Assurance, Industrial Engineering, Safety, Shipping, Security and Plant Technical Department. All these departments go hand in hand for the smooth functioning of the company. The plant manufactures the following products: 9.20" truck tyres, tubes and flaps.

10.20" truck tyres, tubes and flaps.
11.22"truck tyres, tubes and flaps.
12.24"truck tyres, tubes and flaps.
The MRF Goa unit was recognized for their productivity with the TPM (Total Productivity Maintenance) Awards for excellence at a ceremony in Kyoto, Japan. The MRF Goa unit is an ISO 9001, ISO 14000 certified company.

1.1 Objectives Of The Study:

To identify the organizational structure of MRF Ltd., Goa
To study the various departments and their functions.
To study about the various products and services offered by the company. To identify a problem existing in the company, and to suggest solutions for it. To make a SWOT analysis of this organization in order to understand and suggest measures to overcome the weaknesses and threats within the scope of this study.

1.2 Scope of the Study:
Useful for academic purpose and further reference.
Provides information about the functioning of the tyre industry in India.

1.3 Limitations of the Study:
Time was a limiting factor during the study.
Limited number of employees who were selected for the survey of this study. Some core data could not be collected due to confidentiality policies of the company.

1.4 Methodology of Study:

1.4.1 Area of the Study
The study is conducting exclusively at MRF Ltd., Goa

1.4.2 Types of Data
Both Primary and Secondary data were used
Primary data were collected from discussions with the departmental heads, Area in charge, Supervisors of the various departments. Secondary data were obtained from the annual report from the company website, Journals, brochures, news articles and other concerned books.

2. Industry Profile
2.1 Tyre Industry

Robert W Thompson a Scottish Engineer invented the pneumatic tyre in 1845. In 1970 the first solid rubber tyre appeared in England. Hon Dunlop, a Scottish veterinary surgeon improved on Thompson`s invention in 1988.Till 1960`s foreign companies dominated the tyre industry. During late 60`s and early 70`sIndian Industrial Entrepreneurs entered the market with foreign collaborations. As automobile sector began to take its roots in the country, the tyre industry witnessed the entry of many players and with the waves of liberalization sweeping the land in 1922; the industry saw the same as a part of joint ventures.

2.1.1 Nature and Characteristics of the Industry
Tyre industry is a competitive industry & is facing a stiff competition in current scenario. It also reflects...
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