Match and Project Manufacturing Safety

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Matchsticks Brief

The Project
Manufacturing safety matches in Nigeria is a very feasible project. It can be operated on a small, medium or large scale depending on the financial strength of the promoters. The investor can engage in either the wax matches production project or the timber matches and timber boxes production project. The raw materials needed for the project are readily and locally available. They are majorly wood materials and chemicals. These raw materials include splint paper, paraffin wax (grade 11), cardboard boxes, chemicals, packaging materials, et cetera. The project must be sited in a large expanse of land of about an acre to comfortably accommodate the administrative block, storage and production  facilities and machines.

The machines and equipment required for this project can be locally fabricated at affordable  costs. Foreign machines can also be obtained from China, India, etc. at higher prices. The machines include: Paper slitting rewinder machine, wire drawing machine, bobbins (MS Spools), frame with laths, trolleys, head composition grinding machine, homogenizer, drier, master cardboard slitting machine, 7ups group cutting machine, friction composition ball mill, cardboard size painting machine, outer box skillets cutting machine, cardboard outer box making machine, inner box skillets cutting machine, cardboard inner box making machine, glue melting bath.

Production Process 
The production process is simple. It involves making the outer board paper, followed by  making the inner board and the splint paper rolls. Other detailed processes for the production of the final product ( safety matches) will be outlined in a feasibility study for interested investors.

Matches are daily essentials at homes, restaurants, smoking joints, industries, churches, etc. The demand for matches is ever increasing since both  the poor and the rich , urban and rural dwellers need matches. The great demand for home and...
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