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3. The main problems from the Cyclermate business
3.1. Production – the manufacturing issue
Initially, Cyclermate have been using the old and ancient materials as steel tube, automated tube to cut saw and bend machine, so it can pull the productivity because they just can not meet the physical demands of the task and difficult to keep the level of production, so this is the reason why the number of complaints from customers about the quality and faults of their cycle production have highly increased. Secondly, using the traditional spray technology, elderly compressors, and the extraction equipment that meant it have increased the highly toxic painting because the inadequate materials to protect the frames. Furthermore, the overload capacity led to limit the process (25 frames at a time), as well as weak and old-fashioned the machine, so it being time consuming and unconstraint working for manufacturing. Thirdly, the stockouts are a tough condition, although they have larger inventory which all boosted the disruption of production and the raising of re-order from clients , and the shortage of wheel stokes are making up incomplete productions in the factory. Additionally, the warehouse

Figure 1: The manufactured process of Cyclermate firm
Additionally, the disconnected layout where the assembly and main inventory located further to dispatch the finished goods to the finished goods stores, or the reception area was quite large and more free space, thus it resulted the time consuming methods for manufacturing process.

3.2. Finance – a biggest trouble for Cyclermate’s recently financial condition The first thing is the lack of capital investment for Cyclermate’s activities. As Maldwyn Jones mentioned, renewing the highly efficient electrostatic powder spraying technique will charged a volume of their budgets. Otherwise, the manager commissioned to the other shop to produce the alternative wheel model, so it was being reasonable quality and...
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