Lean Manufacturing

Topics: Manufacturing, Supply chain management terms, Sales order Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Lean Manufacturing is a very popular and successful strategy, which many manufacturing companies have adopted over the past 60 years. Mone Consulting Firm has been referring this method for more than 20 years at a high success rate of 99%. If implemented effectively “going lean” for Classic Cable Company will have a positive impact throughout the entire enterprise, by introducing attainable goals. The goals of lean manufacturing will achieve: a balanced rapid flow, eliminate waste and disruptions, and maintain a flexible system. After reviewing CCC’s case background, some overall recommendations and problem solving should be considered in the following order.

I’ve noticed that no expansion can be done and reorganizing work cells would be too expensive, the “going lean” method is designed to minimize inventory storage, which will give you a little more room to work in. Also 30% of your workers were laid off due to rough times. CCC can take full advantage of this by cross-training its workers. For instance, if a worker is absent or a bottleneck occurs you can send an employee (who is crossed-trained) over to pick up the slack which will help maintain a line-balance. For every minutes/hours/days you shave off, waste and disruptions will be eliminated and you start to see annual sales increase, an unfrozen salary, and capital expenditures inclining all because of this philosophy.

I know a huge frustration is that for every 10 quote request answered you only get 3 or 4 actual orders. This could be due to how quickly your employees respond to your customers. For instance, In Step 1: Response to quote request which the problem is intertwining with Step 2: Response to Customer Purchase order, your part-time sales administrator is obviously the disruption in processing customer orders. Her multiple tasks are slowing her down and “part time” is not enough to fulfill RFQS and processing orders created on excel documents. She should be considered an asset and be offered...
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