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Topics: Manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, Pallet Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Lasco Bathware’s facility in Yelm, Washington employees about 136 and is one of nine manufactures of shower-tubs, tubs, showers, and shower pans. The facility is looking to find areas in which to work on to become leaner and environmentally safe as well as more cost efficient. The article stated the objectives as:

- “Evaluate the benefits and synergies of deliberately integrating environmental considerations into on-the-ground lean practices.” - “Improve product quality, production efficiency, and product flow in specific areas of the Lasco facility.” - “Gain experience to offer and promote lean and environment projects to manufactures statewide.” The concentration was in the Packaging and shipping, fiberglass-reinforced-plastic (FPR) spray operations, and acrylic vacuum mold changeover. There was many ways in just the packaging and shipping areas alone that would assist Lasco to become a more lean manufacturing facility. The lack of organization, wasted time of locating models for shipping, packaging large items into boxes, and items and tools for packaging misplaced, were just a few of the issues in the packaging and shipping area. It doesn’t sound like there was a lot of trained personnel in this area but after the implementation they trained the employees on conveyor systems and organized the work areas to provide a more efficient flow of product from the warehouse to a better ergonomic packaging system and then on the conveyor to shipping. A video was made to standardize the shrink wrap and packaging process. I think that is a great idea for the company so it’s packaged the same for every piece. The organization of tools and packaging supplies saved a substantial amount of labor for the company as they were not looking all over for needed tools and packaging items they were all within reach and organized appropriately for each model. Lasco found the problem areas and itemized them in order to figure out a way to make the process better and more cost...
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