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MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2014/15

Manufacturing and Operations Management (MOM)

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First for Forensics

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Executive Summary
This report demonstrates a study and evaluation of the current operational complications of ‘First for Forensics’ company. The approaches of the analysis include academic reviews, published articles and related texts to finalize resolutions for the company. Results from studies show that changes in the manufacturing structures have to be executed in order to maintain a successful business in the future. In particular, the manufacturing layout and planning strategies must be reconsidered along with internal and external changes. In addition, recommendations have been incorporated to arrange the possible adjustments throughout the operations. The study suggests the company is not in a positive position to maintain the competitiveness with its competitors if changes have yet to be made. MRP-JIT-HYBRID

The appropriate manufacturing planning and control strategy of FfF is the Hybrid method which adopts both MRP and JIT together to deliver the best outcome for the company. In this case, the benefits of a single strategy will not be sufficient to resolve current problems within the operation processes. For example, the manufacture of the preceding upstream stations should be based on MRP or push production. Due to the fact that FfF still maintain reasonable accuracy on the forecast of sales. Therefore, MRP could still be adopted as a based on production scheduling and inventory control system (Rushton et al, 2010). With the utilization of MRP, it is still possible that the company can still have adequate inventory levels of raw material, regardless of the problem of excessive finished goods that has to be resolved. Whereas the proceeding downstream manufacturing stages should likely be controlled by the JIT system or pull production system. The ideology behind the JIT manufacturing system is to initiate the manufacturing process only when it is required and in the amount and the specification for different customer orders (Ho and Chang, 2001). All operational stages are obligated to produce the item necessary to fulfill the demand of the subsequent operations. Therefore, components and necessary materials should arrive just in time to be assembled in the production process (Kootanae et al, 2013.). Therefore, by using JIT system, it is believed that the inventory level of finished goods can be significantly reduced due to finished products will be completed only when the customer orders are issued. In addition, JIT system will also resolve the problem of the poor forecast of individual forecast simultaneously. In this case, the combination of both JIT and MRP systems is considered to be a more operative manufacturing system for FfF company, as this integration utilizes the benefits of the individual system.

One of the most significant problems in the case is the long changeover time of the machine. Therefore, this problem should firstly be encounter to eliminate following consequent issues. The setup time reduction is also called single-minute exchange of dies or SMED. The setup time reduction of the machine can be accomplished by a range of procedures (Ferradás and Salonitis, 2013). To illustrate, internal and external setup steps might not be handled appropriately. Therefore, steps that should be done externally is managed as internal setup, thus, machines endure idle for lengthy times. Shingo (1985) suggested that the production analysis should be implemented with a stopwatch to keep track of the change over time. In addition, interviewing workers about the process could also clarify the wasted time. However, it is suggested that the best method is...
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