IST 621- Chapter 1 Key Concepts

Topics: Manufacturing, Mass customization, Personalization Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Mass customization refers to the use of flexible computer-aided manufacturing systems to produce custom output. It is applicable in the field of marketing, manufacturing, call centers and management.

H.P managed to produce customized computers and equipments which were both low cost and efficient. How did HP achieve this?
Before doing the task, they did rethink and integrate the designs of their products, the process used to make and deliver those products, and the configuration of the entire supply network. That is to say, the key point is to postpone the task of differentiating a product for a specific customer until the latest possible point in supply network. To be more specific,

Firstly, they designed products consisting of independent modules that can be assembled into different forms of the product easily and inexpensively.

Secondly, manufacturing process consisted of independent modules i.e. modules which can be moved or rearranged easily to support different distribution- network designs.

Thirdly, their supply network was designed to provide two is being able to supply the basic product. The other is to fulfill the customized good. Both quickly and low cost.

Pervasive Computing

It means computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. And In contrast to desktop computing, pervasive computing can occur using any device, in any location, and in any format. 

For example, Elite Care, a company taking care of elder people, focuses on creating a personalized environment that avoids the traditional institutional care model used in nursing homes for the elderly who can no longer live unassisted by using pervasive computing.

There are several advantages by building this technology into the environment:

1. By using pervasive sensors to monitor vital signs and health indicators, it reduces the stress of staff who need to track the details of vital signs and medication status in...

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