is marriage an outdated tradition

Topics: Marriage, Christianity, Fornication Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: January 2, 2014
Is Marriage an Outdated Tradition?
In this essay I will be explaining whether marriage is an outdated tradition along with my opinion and the ones of Christians. In my opinion I believe that No, marriage is the same strong, important connection it was 100 years ago. The difference is the people who enter into it, and the way society no longer supports the couples who choose it. 

We've become a “need it now” society and are ready to discard whatever doesn't give us instant happiness. Divorce has become so acceptable that couples go into marriage with the plan to divorce if they aren't satisfied (prenup) as compared to the people in our past who believed marriage was forever and were motivated to keep working at the relationship and to make it work. Today couples are ready to give up as soon as it's not fun or the sex becomes dull.

The other part of the problem is society's lack of support for marriage. The UK benefit system is too lenient towards those who choose to have children without being married therefore helping them with housing, childcare, schooling and food. The rest of the family before would be providing emotional support and pressure for the couple to work at the relationship, now it’s more looked at it as being only their problem and not a problem for the people around them. Today we're more concerned about an individual's right to personal happiness than to supporting responsible or ethical behaviour-I believe a person’s happiness is extremely important but people’s morals and ethics are what make them happy.

I also believe the idea that something that's worth having is worth fighting for, having something a long time, the pride of working at something, at pushing through the hard stuff to be able to stand back and look with pride at having made something great, is gone.  The Christians of the Catholic Church teach prohibition of premarital sex along with the rejection of homosexual marriage, abortion and contraception but also the...
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