Inventory System

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Background of Study

DLA Naturals
In 1987, Didier Ladriere, Chairman, creates the company Fruibel Industry in Belgium, which specializes in the production of bakery ingredients. The company diversifies its activity and starts a health and cosmetic laboratory in Belgium. Didier Ladriere creates AFC Company and invested in the production of fine Belgian chocolate for pastry chefs. The production reaches 700 metric tons per month and is exporting in more than 40 countries worldwide. In 1999, the company creates Fruibel Asia in Subic Bay, Philippines. The production of chocolate reaches 2,000 metric tons in one year. In 2001, the Belgian leg of the company is sold to a European group. Fruibel Asia becomes DLA Naturals owned by Didier Ladriere. The company then diversifies its activity and starts health care and cosmetic laboratory in Blegium. In 2006, the company diversifies in Biotechnology in the Philippines by becoming the pioneer producer of Spirulina in the country. DLA Naturals regroups all activities from Belgium in Subic. Damien Ladriere, son of the Chairman, joins the company. Then the company organized its activity in to two divisions—Food Ingredients as Division 1 and Food Supplements as Division 2. DLA Naturals starts selling products through Multi-level Marketing/ Networking in the Philippines.

DLA Naturals is a fully integrated company. From production to distribution to end users and has its own laboratories of development, production centers and marketing department. The company develops and produces its own products. Thus, it has total control of production including quality and volume. What is Inventory System

Inventory system is a process for managing and locating objects or materials. The objects or items represented on such a list, as a merchant’s stock of goods. It is a complete listing of merchandise or stock on hand, work in progress, raw materials, finished goods on hand, etc., made by a business concern. The raw materials from the...
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