Illegally Downloading Music

Topics: File sharing, Copyright infringement, Warez Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Illegally Downloading Music
In the past ten years Internet music sharing has become a huge issue in the recording industry. Recording companies are furious, claiming that file swapping is destroying their album sales and greatly hurting the artists. Music consumers are justifying their actions by stating that album prices are outrageously high. In Anthony Gorry’s essay, “Steal This MP3 File: What Is Theft?”, the author demonstrates how illegal downloading of music is becoming a huge problem in today’s generation. Illegal downloading needs to remain a crime because it affects the artist, the individuals that perform the crime, and the music industry.

When music is downloaded illegally, the artist suffers. This is one of the primary reasons why downloading free music should remain illegal. When a person illegally downloads a song from a website, that is one less potential sale for the music artist. Teenagers and students have an average of more than 800 illegally copied songs each on their digital music players (Sabbagh). One reason people may not care about illegally downloading music because they think that music artists already make enough money. Well, that certainly is not true in the case of music artists who aren’t very popular. Furthermore, even if the artist already has a lot of money, who is anyone to judge how much they should be making. They earned the money, so they have a right to it. Another problem that occurs for music artists when their music is downloaded illegally is, often, the downloaded song isn’t of good quality. Occasionally, if people are downloading a song from one of these websites, they are not really getting the best quality of music available. Usually the song has been burned or reproduced a few different times. The quality of the artist’s hard work is being destroyed and it makes the artist look bad and lose fans. In apparent frustration, some music companies have introduced defective copies of their music into the file-sharing...

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