Illegal Movies Downloads

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Illegal Movies Downloads: The Catalysts and The Impact

Piracy is not a recent phenomenon. Although the term ‘piracy’ itself relates to violence at sea, with the advent of the internet in this era, ‘piracy’ has been extended to include the online content. Thus, the term ‘Online Piracy’ has emerged to mean illegal copying of copyrighted content from the internet to be shared with other people. The availability of that pirated content has changed the people’s behaviour regarding movies consumption. Today, much more consumers tend to download movies illegally (i.e. without payment). According to Sudler (2013), Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit 2011 survey shows that more than 50% of those surveyed are worried about online piracy. For the purposes of this essay, the term ‘illegal download’ is taken to mean unpaid movie downloading. This essay is divided into two main parts. Firstly, the essay discusses catalysts that drive illegal movies downloads. Secondly, there is an evaluation of the impact illegal downloads has had on producers. This essay concludes that increases in illegal movie downloads can be traced to technological development and high demand of pirated movies. Although movies piracy may decrease sales and result in significant reduction in the industry’s revenues, it can serve movie industry as a mean of free marketing.

Advances in technology are one of the major catalysts that drive the increase in illegal downloads trends. New technology has introduced many paradigms that made movie files uploading and downloading easy and fast. During the early ages of the internet, it was much more difficult to download large motion picture files (Hilbert & Lopez, cited in Jacobs et al, 2012:958). Digital revolution has enabled digitalisation of the content. Knowing that digital information is the only form of content that can be transmitted over networks, consumers have become able to exchange files. Moreover, According to Larabi, Rosselli, &...

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