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Husky’s Strategy : husky entered in to PET packaging nice in plastic item market further husky produced PET pre forms for soda bottles and vertically integrate itself by providing molds for the same.

Husky provided comprehensive and integrated product line for the end users of pre forms.
Husky provide hot runners which reduce the waste of resins and robotic arms mounted on molding machine which speeds up the total process through there innovations and high research& development initiatives husky succeeded to produce durable product Husky positioned itself in market as “A supplier of complete factory solution for the plastic industry’’

Competitive advantage for husky : complete factory solution provider for plastic industry under niche area of PET performs & containers and closures. manufacturing customized machines based on make to order strategy, Technological innovations and its commercialization.

Husky creates value for customers by speed, raw material utilization durability ,strong after sales and services, skilled employee force
Customers WTP increased due to speed ( an input factor in CA) in margarine containers machines total cost of ownership is very low as compare to competitors due to strong after sales services, training provisions, and durability of equipments and brand image

Calculations for WTP

Framework to responding to low cost rivals

Solution to fight with low cost rivals
• Husky is more focused on design and assembly husky should create more differentiated offering to its customer in order to fight with low cost rival
• Husky has its own advanced manufacturing center which helps to company for continue innovation strategy.
• Husky has to offer unique product mix with improved service offerings.
• Make strong brand image

Weak area:
low productions
Machine component completely purchased from outside vendors, No presence in small tonnage machine segment
sales fluctuates due to external force i.e. due to high resin price sales of injecting machine has declined.
Major competitors:

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