How Computers Effect Our Daily Lives

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04 June 2012

The study is defined communication and the importance of communication between men and women. At first, it mentions the behaviors of men and women at home. Also it helps us to understand the success of men at work and the value given to women in business by society. Later, it tells about the importance of details for women in social life and having more prominent character men in society. In addition, this study will be supported with some citations, journals and internet sources. Finally, it intends to explain the communication between men and women in many places.

Key words: men, women, communication.

1.1 Communication
Communication is defined as a process. We determine and convey it meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. This process requires a vast repertory of skills in listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating. Use of these processes is developmental and transfers to all areas of life as home, school, community, work, and beyond. Union and support occur owing to communication. 1.2 The Importance of Communication

Communication is easily overlooked, but it is necessary to carry out the thoughts and visions of an organization to the people .The importance of speech and words whether through a paper or a voice is a communication medium to convey directions. Without communication, there is no way to express thoughts, ideas and feelings. There are many ways to provide communication from the organization to the people of your community. Whether through a phone, fax, email, letter, website, you are able to communicate your organization to the world. Things can be expressed, ideas can be shared, and thoughts can be joined. The ability and the importance of communication become much more crucial when you are on a purpose or need to perform aim. The ability to effectively communicate is very important when it is usually underestimated and overlooked. Men and women have different communication forms in many places such as at home, at work and in social life. 2. COMMUNICATION BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN AT HOME

Women always are under the responsibility at home. They incline chores in the family. Men only are to have a say on important issues. When they decide about the subject, women usually express their opinions. Men decide to determine with their attitudes. A writer says in her article “ The relation between the sexes occurs around a single concept: superiority of man; women are a lower position in value, reputation and power issues.” ( Fişek 5 ) In fact, we can divide into two section at this point as the behaviors of men and the behaviors of women.

2.1 The Behaviors of Men
As we said above, when men decide about one subject, they see themselves superior than women. The study was done about it in the U.S.A by Sandra Lipsitz Bem. According to him, “ Men are characters putting themselves out, independent, determined and risk-taking.” Characteristic of men’s sexual role are more pronounced than women in our society. It is an obvious situation that men are always at the front and on stage. If we think these on men, results aren’t surprising. This is an expected finding in a culture where male dominance. 2.2 The Behaviors of Women

Women have great responsibilities in the home. Care of children, chores, attitude toward her husband are very important for them. If a woman is a female employee, it is also important. Women become more sensitive and soft communicating with men. They try to talk about the events. This situation is relevant training of girls and boys. “ The researches which done in our society on educational and development differences between the sexes shows that men were...
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