How Computer Hardware Has Evolved

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Chip Harris
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Due: 08 September 2013

How Computer Hardware Has Evolved

My father was one of the first computer hardware engineers. He joined the Air Force in 1980 and worked on all the computers that ran communications with the fighter planes. My earliest memories were of my father taking me to work and the load hum of the computers as they ran. He took me through dozens of rooms to his office and showed me a part that he had just fixed. It was a board that was at least two feet long and a foot wide. He pointed to a black spot on the board and said, “I found it in 15 minutes. “ He had a triumphant smile on his face. “When it went out” he said, “my coworkers looked for eight hours and couldn’t find it.” Then he leaned in close and whispered, “Follow your nose.” I then smelled the board. This is one of my strongest memories of my father and the earliest computers. I graduated high school in 1998 and joined the Air Force in dreams of being like my father. Due to my color vision I wasn’t able to work on computers but I was able to buy my own computer in 2001 or 2002. Dell sent me my first window into the digital world. This Dell was a cheap $1500. What hardware it had, I don’t even remember. When I got the computer, it was all based on price. The computer had Windows 98 with Word and to tell you the truth, I didn’t even use the computer that often. Just to look something up on the World Wide Web or to write a paper for work. I just bought my fourth computer a few weeks ago, for $500. My mind was blown on the speed, memory, and RAM for this beast of a computer. See the computer I was using I got in 2007 for $1700. It had 4GB of RAM, the processor speed was way too slow for what I needed. It was cheaper to buy a new computer with Windows 8 then try to upgrade the hardware and software of my old computer. In 2005 I got a laptop for $1200 so I was ready to spend $2000 when I got the computer...
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